Data Center

Network and internet telecommunication equipment in server room, data center interior

Data Center is the brain of a company and the place where the most critical processes are run.

For that reason, design and build a well-constructed, sturdy building that suitable for servers, storage devices, cables, equipment associated with continuous power, cooling, fire extinguishing systems and real-time monitoring are in crucial.

Based on our experiences in building Data Centers and mission Critical Sites we are focusing to provide the ideal solution to design and build new Data Center from beginning or to optimize the expansions, improvements of existing Data Center.

We practice:

Preliminary Review

  • Building physical review
  • Equipment and Instrument review
  • Capacity review
  • Tier level: redundancy and resiliency level
  • Project phases and future Expansion review
  • Application review

Project Planning

  • Power levels and space needs: Transformers, Gensets, Switchboards
  • Cooling technology and space needed
  • Cooling resiliency levels: type, space, needs, location
  • Concrete wall or fire rated partition
  • Equipment access routes review
  • Security levels: fire protection, water leakage, access control
  • Central Monitoring and alerting

Project Budgeting

  • Provide a detailed budgeting plan

Project implementation

  • Project Schedule
  • Project Supervisor, Engineer and worker assignment
  • Project checklist and progressing report

Project Documentation

  • Project supervision and support
  • Detailed design Engineering Design with diagram, floor plan, shop drawing.
  • Termination and Testing Report, User Orientation