Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC)


Customized solutions for the largest possible reduction of energy over the entire life cycle

Precision Air-con

Buildings are unique objects. Location, size, construction quality, and – increasingly, building engineering technology – determine values and returns. Energy matters substantially gain in significance as buildings use about 40% of the worlds energy consumption and produce 21 % of world-wide greenhouse gas emissions. Energy costs have become ever more a “second rent” for users and residents.

If the subject concerns heating, cooling, cleaning, humidification, and dehumidification of air, our solution contributes towards progress, providing customized heating, ventilation, and air conditioning treatment with the largest possible reduction of energy consumption over the entire service life of the facilities.

our solutions reliably satisfy all international standards in sensitive areas such as hospitals, cleanroom applications and data centers and are in the forefront for the demanding classification of the “Eurovent Compliance Committee for Air Handling Units”. They furthermore set new standards for sustainability and perfect system integration in modern sports arenas, factory buildings, airport facilities, and swimming pools, as well as in offices, museums and hotels.

Summarized by the concept, it is an attitude which creates values for the future: enhanced quality of experiences. Protection of energy resources and climate in smart way. Security for investors and planners.